The Beginning

Over the last couple of decades as an executive consultant, Mahesh Rao has helped senior executives at Fortune 500 Companies solve some of the toughest challenges in their businesses. The idea for Q2E came while Mahesh was assisting a senior leader of a Fortune 500 develop a compelling growth strategy for his business unit. Mahesh created a plan, and the leader and his team set to work on executing the new vision.

Four months later, Mahesh got an urgent phone call from the same senior executive. The strategy was great, but it was falling apart in execution and he needed help getting it back on track. Mahesh was happy to find a solution.

Soon, Mahesh got the same types of phone calls from other clients who were having trouble executing their strategies, and Mahesh realized that he could help solve this problem in a different way—through a cloud-based software application that could successfully enable business growth strategies.

Great Team for Great Results

Mahesh started Q2E (short for Quest 2 Excel) so that he could help organizations achieve their highest potential. Based on this philosophy, he pulled together an experienced team to assemble, design, develop and sell the solution. The team surrounded themselves with accomplished advisors in business strategy, channel partner management, and customer success.

Q2E is a cloud-based platform for companies that are on a digital transformation journey. It empowers them to turn strategies and goals into actionable steps and keep pace with continuous change. Q2E also provides leaders with visibility so they can solve common problems and drive accountability for people, across teams, and with partners and suppliers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable companies who are on a digital transformation journey to keep pace with continuous change by turning strategies and goals into actionable steps.

Our Core Values

We listen, learn and genuinely try and make a difference for our customers.

We face every problem with positivity.

We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and fresh innovative ideas.

We are always honest and always promote integrity.

We pursue simplicity and direct action.

We believe in open communication and collaboration.

Q2E Team



Armed with his 14 U.S. and international patents, Q2E Founder and CEO Mahesh Rao rides across the hardpan of cyberspace with his dedicated posse, transforming businesses with the proven strategies detailed in his book, “Front Runners.” Mahesh’s passion for helping companies succeed in executing their strategies along the “Design 2 Consumption” lifecycle led to the founding of Q2E.



Ralph is a sports enthusiast turned coach. He brings together the unique combination of business acumen and project management expertise, which results in him calling plays that puts points on the board for his customers. Ralph transforms groups of individuals into high performing teams to achieve the ultimate goal: expanding business through the pursuit of flawless execution.



Pauline is an avid runner with a passion for exploring the mountain trails throughout Arizona and taking on the challenge of running marathons. She applies this same disciplined and dedicated approach to her craft of creating solutions that are thoroughly planned and expertly created, which makes her customers successful in meeting their business challenges.



Daman has a keen eye for talent and always gives his developers opportunities to prove themselves by taking on challenging projects. He believes in team work and stands by them all through thick and thin. Daman fuels his long exploratory drives with food, culture, and old Bollywood music.



Prakhar is consistently cool under pressure and excels in motivating the team to give their best, whatever obstacles they may face. He works in close coordination with product and engineering teams on both sides of the Atlantic, and never hesitates to share his thoughts. Loves to paint and cook, except when pre-empted by the India team playing cricket.



Alex is our technical Swiss Army Knife—he is able to attack any technical problem using the right tool. He uses his immense experience in solving the most difficult performance and stability problems to keep our cloud environment optimized and trouble free.

Key Advisors



Rauline is a peak performer in both her personal and professional life. She likes to compete in triathlons: swimming, biking and running. That competitive spirit has won her multiple industry awards including CRN’s Channel Executive of the Year, Top 50 Channel Executives, Most Influential Women in the Channel and Channel Focus North America Top Speaker.

Sunil Kripalani


Engineering Transformation Guru

Sunil puts the pedal to the medal, driving large scale technology transformations at companies like Cisco and the largest U.S. healthcare provider. He’s a skilled technology leader with a deep desire to innovate and experiment to create new value for employees and customers. He also has a passion for trying out new cars and exploring new places.

Thought Leadership

Front Runners by Mahesh Rao

Lap Your Competition With 10 Game-changing Strategies for Total Business Transformation.

Who doesn’t want to be a front runner? In this competitive world, every business leader wants his or her company or institution to reside in the upper echelon.

When Mahesh Rao devised an approach for transforming businesses into front runners — and then decided to put all that useful information into a book — the title was self-evident. Within the pages of “Front Runners,” you will have the chance to feed on his many years of experience as a business consultant and learn how to position both yourself and your company as true front runners.

Collaborative Leadership by George O'Meara

Lessons from the Street to the Boardroom

Businesses everywhere are facing a myriad of challenges, from shrinking margins to increasing regulation to rapidly evolving technologies. Information is more accessible, products are more commoditized, and competitors are less distinctive. Doing business is getting more and more complex. Some say these are unprecedented times, and while we agree that times are tough, we think the biggest challenge businesses face today is a leadership gap.

The purpose of “Collaborative Leadership” is to call that leadership gap to attention, show how it may have formed, make clear the gravity of its implications, and provide a means to bridge the gap. The ultimate goal of this book is to show leaders how to bridge the leadership gap through collaborative leadership transformation. This book is about more than creating transformation through leadership. It’s about creating transformation through collaboration.